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4 Reasons Why Jurden Klopp Must Strengthen Mane And Salah On Field Relationship.




2020/21 has been a bad season for the Reds as they went on trophyless with both Mane and Salah both unable to help Liverpool to another Premier League glory.

Though they Finished in the top four by the Slightest of Margin but it has been a disastrous campaign for the 2019/2020 Premier League Champions.

One of the reasons why They struggled was for the fact that Mane and Salah’s Relationship fade away as individuality came to play.

The responsibility of bringing them back lies on the shoulder of there coach Jurgen Klopp, but how will Jorden Klopp achieve this ?

Mane and Salah

Here are the reasons why Klopp must strengthen the bond of Salah and Mane again.

#1. To Win Trophies

Like I said earlier, Salah and Mane’s separation cost them trophy last season, Klopp must bring this two together for the Purpose of winning trophies because there contributions helps Liverpool in Achieve The UCL And EPL titles in the past seasons.

#2. For Their Individual Award.

In the past few seasons, they’ve both work together in Achieving Success as they both won The African Best Awards in the Past. Klopp must strengthen there relationship again to make them get back to individual awards.

#3. For The Benefit Of The Team

There relationship may be beneficial to the squad, Klopp must strengthen there Bond for the team to achieve Success. Lets just assume both player has 20/20+ goals in a season, this simply means Liverpool will be be leading all tables, thisbis possible but only if Klopp can  find his away around these two.

#4. Goals

Liverpool were not clinical in front of goal last season because both players were unwilling  to assist one another at the point of goal, most expecially Mohammed Salah, joining this two together should give Klopp Liverpool’s all the goals they need to be champion, just like they use to in the 2019/20 with botn players assisting each other when they are at the right position.

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