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The Only Top Epl Club To Defeat Chelsea Home And Away – Can Mikel Arteta And Arsenal Do It Again ?



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Arsenal has been a turn in the flesh for Chelsea in the past seasons following the blues Home and Away defeat to Arsenal Last season.

The Gunners defeated Chelsea At Stamford Bridge for the first time since 2011/12 season in five a 5-3 defeat. But can the Gunners do it Again and this time the both legs will be against Thomas Tuchel.

Although, Mikel Arteta defeated the German manager in Stamford Bridge Last season but the question remain; can Arsenal do it Again against Chelsea ?

The Premier League has been unpredictable in last seven season as the league results as been the funniest Part of the seasons among other European league where unexpected looses occur, a good example is Aston Villa 7 vs 2 Liverpool last season.

Home and Away

Now to the above qeustion, My Answer is YES, but i don’t see Arsenal winning  Home And away affair this time around with the German manager Thomas Tuchel who is difficult to Beat this days.

One of the way Arsenal can do this is if they can get quality players into the Squad then why not.

Another way is Determination, that Determination they have been using in the past before now can make them do it over and over again.

I see Arsenal winning in Emirates Stadium while i can’t really predict what the outcome will be when Arsenal will be visiting Stamford Bridge.

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