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Neymar Jr Net Worth 2022 : Biography, Comparison with Messi & Ronaldo



neymar jr net worth

In 2022, Neymar Jr., who is from Brazil and plays for Paris Saint-Germain, is expected to have a huge net worth of $220 million. When PSG bought the 30-year-old player from FC Barcelona for 222 million euros in 2017, it was the most expensive transfer in football history.

The Brazilian footballer is also one of the highest-paid soccer players in the world, and he will still be one of the highest-paid athletes in 2022. Here’s how much his net worth has grown over time.

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Neymar Jr net worth: Growth in his football career

Net Worth in 2022 $220 Million
Net Worth in 2021 $184 Million
Net Worth in 2020 $179 Million
Net Worth in 2019 $165 Million
Net Worth in 2018 $150 Million
Net Worth in 2017 $135 Million

Neymar da Silva Santos Jnior was born on February 5, 1992, in Mogi das Cruzes, which is in the state of Sao Paulo in Brazil. He was born to Neymar Santos Sr. and Nadine da Silva. Neymar’s football skills were clear even when he was young, and he learned his trade by playing beach football and the well-known Brazilian sport futsal. In the small futsal courts, he learned how to dribble the ball quickly and with style.

Neymar’s father, Neymar Santos Sr, saw his son’s talent at a very young age, and he helped him develop and served as a mentor for him throughout his career. The family decided to put their faith in Neymar’s football skills and moved to So Vicente in 2003 so he could play with the best young players in Brazil on the Portuguesa Santista youth team.

In that same year, they moved to Santos, and Neymar joined Santos FC. He trained at the same youth academy where the great Pele had grown up. He went on to become the most promising Brazilian player since Ronaldo and Ronaldinho. He was even compared to the legendary Pele, and in 2011 he led Santos FC to the Copa Libertadores title.

Neymar has lived up to the promise he made in Brazil when he moved to Barcelona in 2013 and dominated with the Brazilian national team. He is now the second-highest goalscorer in the history of the Brazilian team, behind only Pele.

Neymar moved to Europe in 2013 to play for Barcelona, a big team in Spain. When he moved to Europe, his salary went up a lot. There, he worked well with fellow South Americans Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez, and the three of them helped Barcelona win the continent. During his four years in Catalonia, Neymar won eight trophies, including the 2015 UEFA Champions League, where he scored the winning goal against Juventus in the final.

Neymar then decided to step out of the shadow of fellow superstars Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, and Andres Iniesta. When Paris Saint-Germain brought him to the French capital in 2017, it was the most expensive football transfer in history. Since then, his career has been a bit of an up-and-down ride. Neymar is no longer one of the best footballers in the world. This is because PSG is so rich and has helped France have a lot of success, but Neymar has fallen down the list of the best footballers in the world. Even though he has been hurt, Neymar is still one of the most popular and well-paid football players in the world.

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Neymar Jr net worth: Football contracts

Neymar’s first big contract was with the Brazilian team Santos when he was 17 years old. It paid him almost $1.7 million a year. A year later, when Santos saw that people all over the world were getting more and more interested in their latest news, they tried to secure Neymar’s long-term future with a $20 million contract extension. But the great Brazilian soccer player turned down the offer because he knew that Europe was where he would face the toughest competition and have the best chance to shine.

He did sign a short-term, $4 million-per-year contract extension with Santos, but he kept looking at other options with European heavyweights who were interested in him. Barcelona won the race in the end, beating Real Madrid. In 2013, he signed a $119 million deal with the Catalan club, giving him an average salary of $15 million per year. During this time, Neymar also made about $16 million per year from endorsement deals. Between 2013 and 2017, that brought his total annual income to about $30 million.

Neymar’s deal with the French club Paris Saint-Germain on August 2, 2017, shook the football world and changed it for good. The wealthy club, which is backed by the government of Qatar, gave him $220 million to leave Barcelona. Neymar got a big new contract and started making a record-breaking $1.02 million per week, which is about $53 million per year just in salary. When endorsements, bonuses, and sponsorships are added, this brings his total wealth during this time to $90 million.

After months of rumors that Neymar was unhappy and wanted to play for another team, he finally signed a new contract with PSG in May 2021 that keeps him there until 2025. With this new deal, he will reportedly make just under €37 million a year just from his basic wage at PSG. But the contract also has a number of bonuses that can make the number a lot bigger, especially if he wins the Champions League with Paris Saint-Germain.

After he first signed with PSG, it was estimated that his salary would be worth an amazing $350m over the course of his first contract. This means that the total cost to PSG, including his transfer, was about $613m.

Neymar Jr net worth vs Messi Vs Ronaldo

Forbes 2020 ranking Sport Athlete Estimated net worth
1 Football Lionel Messi $126 million
2 Football Cristiano Ronaldo $117 million
3 Tennis Roger Federer $106.3 million
4 Football Neymar $95.5 million
5 Basketball LeBron James $88.2 million

The forward’s pay combined with sponsorship and endorsement deals adds up to a tremendously amazing figure that contributes to Neymar Jr net worth. Forbes predicted his 2020 earnings at $96 million for 2020, of which the salary, bonus, and on-pitch profits were estimated to make up between $70 million and $78 million.

Only Messi ($126m) and Ronaldo ($117m) were estimated to have higher total earnings than Neymar among football players last year. Tennis legend Roger Federer placed above him which making Neymar the fourth-highest athlete in the world of sports for that era.

It is also worth highlighting that on the basis of pay and bonuses alone, Neymar makes more than Cristiano Ronaldo but the Portuguese mega-star earns more money thanks of his more lucrative endorsement deals.

There is quite a difference from the big three in football, and Neymar’s PSG team-mate Kylian Mbappe was next on the list in fourth with earnings of $42 million and Liverpool sensation Mohamed Salah finished off the top five at $37 million. It must be highlighted that these statistics are from 2020 and do not account for changes during the Coronavirus economic landscape as well as recent contract extensions (ie. Mbappe with PSG) (eg. Mbappe with PSG).

Neymar’s endorsement and sponsorship deals

Just like he had shook the football ecosystem with his move from Barcelona to PSG, Neymar too had a big impact on brand partnerships when he sensationally swapped Nike for Puma. Neymar had an 11-year deal with American sportswear manufacturer Nike that was supposed to terminate in 2022, earning an eye-watering $105 million. However, their talks over a renewal broke down.

Neymar has become the newest huge face of rivals Puma and he will promote lifestyle, training, footwear and apparel products for the business. “I grew up watching movies of great football superstars such as Pelé, Cruyff, Matthäus, Eusébio and Maradona,” he remarked.

“These were the rulers of the pitch, the kings of my sport. I aim to bring back the legacy that those athletes made on the pitch. They each played in Puma, and each of them generated their magic in the king.”

Neymar has worked with some of the greatest corporations in the world including the likes of Red Bull, Beats Electronics, Mastercard, DAZN, Electronic Arts, Volkswagen, Tenys Pé Baruel, Lupo, Ambev, Claro, Unilever, Gillette, Santander and TCL.

In 2016, Forbes magazine had projected Neymar’s earnings from sponsorships at $21 million (€18m) annually, putting him – based on his Barca pay at the time – the only active footballer earning more money off the pitch than on it.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo and Messi’s sponsorships at that point accounted for 36 percent and 34 percent of their revenue respectively, Neymar’s accounted for 61 percent of his salary.

While that status quo has altered today following his high-profile and lucrative move to PSG, it still says volumes about his marketability — partly due of his tremendous popularity every Brazil where Neymar’s face and image is nearly on every product you can think of!

Neymar’s companies and charities

Neymar has appeared as his own self in two blockbuster films, XXX: Return of Xander Cage and Os Parças in 2017. He had also acted as Monje Joao in the TV drama Money Heist in 2019, while also being involved in the marketing of the music of the popular Netflix show. He also offered his own emojis for download.

A substantial chunk of Neymar net worth also stems from his online presence and he has a vast following base of 321 million across the big three social media platforms Facebook (89 million), Instagram (175 million), and Twitter (56.9 million) (56.9 million).

Neymar established the Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr in the city of Praia Grande. The facility strives to enhance and transform the lives of children coming from the disadvantaged background through educational, creative, and sporting programs that assist them go ahead in life. The structure is believed to serve around 2500 youngsters in Brazil and their families.

In 2020, at the thick of the pandemic, he had also donated anonymously five million Brazilian real to charity. He has also helped to the development and acquisition of proper and pure water.

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