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What First Ever Major International Trophy Mean To Lionel Messi



20210715 074418

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Lionel Messi has failed to lift an international Trophy before now after loosing Four times in The Final.

The 34 year old have been missing out on An international Trophy after loosing to Chile three times and lose the world cup on a 1-0 defeat to Germany in 2014.

An international Trophy became one of Messi’s Priority after winning many trophies and individual awards in his club Side and while his rival Cristiano Ronaldo had already won Two major International Trophies for his country Portugal.

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But now he has finally won an international trophy as Argentina Beat Brazil 1-0 in the Copa America 2021 Final where he won the best player of the turnament and also the Top Scorer award.

The International Trophies mean to lot to Lionel Messi

#1. Achievement

Lionel Messi Might be delt under Achieved if he didn’t win any international trophy Judging by the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo as won Twice and his successor Diego Maradona won it for Argentina,it will be a blow to his name if he didn’t win the Trophy.

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#2. Criticism

Messi have been criticism in the past for not leading Argentina to a trophy since he became in Charge and that now has been by the way now that he has won An international Trophy For Argentina.

#3. Comparison With Cristiano Ronaldo

international Trophy

Cristiano Ronaldo had been his long term rival,it will be abysmal to see him loose to Cristiano Ronaldo who has won two International trophies for his Country Portugal.

Now that he has won it, they will be something to share about considering the long term Comparison with the Portuguese.

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