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GOAT DEBATE: Ronaldo Or Lionel Messi- Why I Made My Choice Here’s My Choice



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Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi been the best player in the last 12 seasons winning 11 balon d’ro between them in 11 Season concecutively and both of them are considered to be the GOAT’S.

The duo have divided football fans into two with their excellent performance year-to-year in last 12 season with many fans preferring Cristiano Ronaldo while some prefers Lionel Messi as well.

But to me if you ask me who is the Greatest of All Time GOAT between them I will go for  Juventus and Portugal Superstar ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’.

The 36-years-old Juventus forward has been one of the greatest of all time in the past and presently with brilliant and remarkable goal scoring performance.

The Portuguese Captain has scored a whopping sum of 780 goals and created 229 Assist in 1,100 Appearances .


His Eyes for goal is out of this world and his skilful and deadly when he his infront of Goal, don’t get it twisted, I’m making reference to Cristiano Ronaldo and not Lionel Messi.

He as broken Numerous Records including the All Time Highest Goal Scorer in male football and Highest Goal Scorer of all time for his Country.

He has won a lot of trophies to his name including the Balon d’or, 5 Uefa Champions League Trophy, Two International Trophies and 32 other Trophies for the clubs he has played for.

He is a Leader and An inspiration on and off the pitch as he is known by his kindred Hearts his on-field leadership skills.

He is undoubtedly the Greatest Of All Time GOAT. If you think Lionel Messi is your favourite then so be it..

To keep football fans in unity and for my readers to be satisfy,  i won’t be saying anything negative or wrong about Critiano Ronaldo Biggest rival ‘Lionel Messi’.

Do not let us forget that Lionel Messi and his National team just won Argentina first ever Trophy in 28-years and no doubt the six-time Ballon d’or fans will still be celebrating the Joy of a Champion and any attack on their Man at this moment won’t be health for football.

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