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Former Arsenal Coash Arsene Wenger talks on his biggest regret as Arsenal coash



Former Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger

Former Arsenal coash Arsene Wenger admits he was doubtful over being a part of a film about hinself and the Legendary went on to talk on missing several aspects of football management.

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Arsene Wenger was welcome in north London on Tuesday night for the World premiere of his new film, ‘Invicible’.

The Legendary manager left Arsenal in 2018 after spending two decades in managing the Gunners, and has since appointed into the role of FIFA Head of Global Development.

The Legendary manager is yet to return to Emirates Stadium despite the Current Manager Mikel Arteta revealing that the door is always open for the former Arsenal boss to come back.

Arsene Wenger at the lunching of Invicible film

Former Arsenal Mnager Arsene Wenger at the lunching of his Invicible film in London (Photo:


Arsene Wanger was asked by if a song could be the next on his agenda following the lunching of his Invicible film, and the 72-years-old said; “it’s better for you that my song doesn’t come out and especially that i don’t sing.”

“I don’t like too much to talk about myself first,” he said.

“And not too much about the past. I’m more interested in the future.

“I talked a lot you know. But I haven’t seen the final product, so I will discover it tonight.

“Overall, I will say it was interesting to do because it gave me an opportunity to walk through my 22 years.

“Of course, it’s a bit short one and a half hours. I didn’t want to do it, but in the end I did it. Let’s hope the result is good.”

The Manchester United FA Cup semi-final in 2004 stands out as one of Wenger’s biggest regrets in the film, where he reveals that he should have prioritised the Champions League over other competitions.

“I feel that year we could have won the Champions League,” he said.

“Playing in the same week Manchester United on Saturday, Chelsea on Tuesday in the Champions League and then Liverpool on Saturday was the three major teams at the time and I made maybe the mistake to play the full team on Saturday against Man United. They kicked us off the park.

“On Tuesday we had played 1-1 against Chelsea and then we lost against Chelsea a game that with fresh players we would not have lost. Maybe I should have prioritised the Champions League that season.

“The regret is that we were so close to winning the Champions League and didn’t do it. It would have finished the job.

“But at that time the Premier League already was the dominating league and it’s still the same today.

“I would say today that in hindsight the Premier League is as difficult, if not more difficult to win than the Champions League

What does Arsene Wanger Arsenal miss about his old Arsenal job?

“Intensity of sharing emotions, capacity to influence people’s life and to help them to develop – that’s what you miss the most,” he said.

“These are the two things that you miss the most.”

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