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REVEALED: Fact shows Arsenal Deserve To Win Against Pep Guardiola Manchester-City



Arsenal Bukayo Saka

Arsenal put in a brilliant display of confidence, hardwork and togetherness, but silly mistakes ultimately cost us against City.

If anyone in Mikel arteta team needed a New Years resolution it’s Xhaka! To not make silly mistakes that put Arsenal at a poor risk, again! Why does he keep doing this.

We deserve to win the game yesterday against City, I couldn’t have been any prouder at how the team performed in the first 45 mimutes. Everybody played their duties, even the liability that is the Swiss man was doing well. Partey, who was manning the midfield alongside him, may have kept him on the straight and narrow until he was caught. Is it because Thomas was so good that they had such a strong partnership? Was he trying to hide Xhaka’s flaws?

What a disappointment he’ll be in the coming weeks. He demonstrated why he was such a wanted man on his 40th appearance for us in the Premier League.

Once again, our defenders were outstanding. Tierney was always on the move, assisting Saka on his goal. White was composed and organised. As usual, Tomiyasu played well and didn’t allow Sterling to play much. De Bruyne’s through balls were our only genuine threat, and they nearly caught us out a few times.

5 Positive things we learnt

Gabriel Sencond-half red card against Manchester City

Even Gabriel, who is normally dependable, was able to stop the Manchester City attack until additional moments of ineptitude cost us.

These games can’t save us from losing our minds. We would have strolled away with all three points if we still had eleven men on the field yesterday. We stayed firm even down to 10 men, and we can only blame ourselves for being unfortunate in injury time. The decisions of the referee and the VAR didn’t help us either…

So, let’s get back to our major issue: our team’s weakest link. What can be done to stop Granit Xhaka?

Imust confess that I was a fan of the Swiss midfielder, who is a bit like marmite in that some people like him and others don’t. He has the potential to be a creative member of our team and to play well. Unfortunately, we can no longer take any chances with him. It is he who, time and time again, is the one who alters our game. He is unable to defend himself. He must realise by now that when he takes on those issues, he would be scrutinised more closely since it is him?

Will Arteta be able to get rid of him? I’m not able to see it. I’m not sure what he needs to do in order for our general manager to sell him or make him a part-time player. I don’t think he’ll ever change. He’ll always play with a recklessness that will hurt the squad and cost us games. Granit, my apologies. Marmite is no longer a favourite of mine.

However, I cannot be dissatisfied with our performance from yesterday. Yes, I’m frustrated, but I’m not upset. I now believe we have what it takes to re-enter the race and finish in the top four. Our team was entertaining to watch, and they have given me hope for the future.
Let’s see how we do against the Reds in the cup this week.

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