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Chelsea Player Ratings Fifa 2022 – Ultimate Team Rating



Chelsea Player Ratings

The lack of consistency displayed by the majority of Chelsea’s players has been a recurrent topic throughout this season. If you were to ask around to find out who the potential candidates for player of the season are, you would probably only get a few names that are actually in the running.

The attack has continued to be wasteful and unimpressive, the midfield has shown familiar weaknesses while looking threadbare at times, and the defense has maintained its status as the team’s strongest unit, while suffering a decline in performance in the latter weeks of the season.

There are a lot of names that float around the middle when rating every Chelsea player in Thomas Tuchel’s squad. These players have had enough good moments to justify minutes, but they haven’t done enough to make this season a truly memorable one. When evaluating every player, it’s important to keep this in mind. During the hectic summer transfer window, the new ownership group will be tasked with finding a solution to this problem.

Now that Chelsea’s 63-game season is in the books, let’s take a look ahead to the 2021/22 season and break down the player ratings for that campaign.

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Chelsea Player Ratings 2022

Edouard Mendy – 7

Edouard Mendy’s start to the season put him on track to be one of the contenders for player of the year. He made a string of outstanding saves early on in the year, which resulted in Chelsea picking up points, and his statistics demonstrated that he was outperforming expectations in a number of areas.

As time went on, we noticed that the Senegalese goalkeeper was making some errors, and those statistics began to decrease. The loss in December to West Ham was an important one, but the fact that there were no clean sheets means that attention will also be focused on the goalkeeper position.

However, due to some impressive saves and his overall imposing presence, he remains Chelsea’s first-choice goalkeeper and one of the club’s finest acquisitions in recent years.

Kepa Arrizabalaga – 6

Kepa has done a lot to rebuild his reputation, helping Chelsea progress through both domestic cups with not only penalty saves but also some fine stops in open play. Many people will look at the missed penalty that he had in the Carabao Cup final, but Kepa has done a lot of work to rebuild his reputation.

Given where he was in 2020, the Spaniard may leave Chelsea with goodwill and the Super Cup shootout to recall. Kepa’s tenure at Chelsea has been hard, but it’s possible that his time there could soon come to an end.

Marcus Bettinelli- 5

Bettinelli was always going to have a limited number of opportunities because he was always considered to be the emergency backup. It is expected that he will continue in his role and appears to be a positive figure in the Cobham community.

Antonio Rudiger – 8

The upcoming season will be the German’s last in blue, but it will also be his best due to the fact that he will be leaving to play for Real Madrid. He was a talismanic presence in the back line and managed to strike a balance between his aggression and his defensive qualities, which allowed Tuchel to view him as a trustworthy character.

Fans will always have a warm place in their hearts for Rudiger, and it won’t be easy for the club to find another player with his personality.

Marcos Alonso – 4

Alonso is another player who has been linked to a move away from Chelsea this summer. He appears to be a figure who has merely been around the club for too long and is an indication of why the roster needs to be revamped. Alonso has always been Alonso, and he has always done Alonso things, such as scoring a lovely volley every 10 games. However, these good performances are typically followed by weeks of performances that are either mediocre or awful.

The alleged disagreement with Tuchel, which the club has categorically rejected, is the latest in a string of events that build the portrait of a person who hasn’t always conducted themselves in the most professional manner possible.

Andreas Christensen – 5

A disappointing conclusion to what had the potential to be a formative year for the graduate of the academy. Due to the protracted nature of his contract dispute, Christensen will leave Chelsea with a diminished amount of support from the club’s fans. Criticism was created as a result of his absences from both finals, and his own performances declined in tandem with Chelsea’s.

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Thiago Silva – 8

Based on his outstanding performances throughout the season despite being close to 40 years old, he earns my vote for player of the season. Getting a first-hand look at Thiago enables one to gain a deeper appreciation for his exceptional instincts and defensive mindset.

Although he has been a part of a defense that has struggled to maintain its focus and consistency in the final weeks, the news that Silva’s contract will be extended is a significant source of solace in light of the departures of other prominent figures.

Trevoh Chalobah – 7

The breakout star of the current campaign, who is also one of the most pleasant and unexpected discoveries. This year, Chalobah has demonstrated tremendous growth, and he has every reason to be pleased with his accomplishments. In spite of the fact that last summer it was widely believed that he would be sent out on another loan or sold, Tuchel is now using him as a regular part of his team.

Not only were his performances in both cup finals versus Liverpool essential for his development, but they also demonstrated why investing in internal solutions can be just as astute as spending money on external ones.

Ben Chilwell – 8

What else was there for Chilwell to accomplish? It was a joy to witness his comeback on Sunday, which was met with a standing ovation. The bar was set quite high by his performances, despite the fact that he had only 13 appearances to his name. Chilwell’s injury was a significant blow to the rhythm of the squad, particularly considering the individual influence he had during the finest stretch of the season, which occurred in October and November.

Reece James – 8

In the same way that Chilwell is, Reece James is an indispensable player in Tuchel’s system. As a result of his innovative work, the defender/wingback has become one of the most prolific players in Europe at his position. He is currently enjoying the results of his labor.

As one of the most valuable players for the club, James should be in the running for a new contract given his performance of five goals and nine assists in less than 2000 minutes of Premier League action.

Cesar Azpilicueta – 5

This is the lowest score I’ve ever awarded to one of the most dependable players at the club, but it’s impossible to overlook the significant dip in performances toward the conclusion of the season. The kind of dedication and honesty that Azpilicueta possesses has never been called into doubt, and it never will be. On the other hand, his advanced age and limited mobility appear to be working against him at this point, as he is making blunders that are out of character with increasing frequency.

Malang Sarr – 3

It appeared for a good portion of this season that Sarr might be described as a pleasant surprise. He was a player who was supposed to go out on loan but instead remained with the team and provided a different alternative when those options were limited during the winter. However, his performance against Arsenal in particular, as well as his bad performances since then, have brought to light a player who appears to be grossly out of his depth.

Jorginho – 6

The year 2021 was the pinnacle of Jorginho’s career, and he began the season on a great note, just like everyone else. However, a combination of exhaustion and limitations that have always been a part of his game has further demonstrated why the central midfield position requires an overhaul. Due to the fact that the Italian’s current contract is set to expire in 2023 and the fact that the Chelsea midfielder is getting on in years, it is difficult to believe that the club can get any more out of him.

N’Golo Kante – 6

The number of injuries and Kante’s own performance have both contributed to a lower score, which is especially disappointing given the exceptionally high bar that Kante set for himself in the Champions League the previous year. Tuchel has emphasized how important the French midfielder continues to be, but his worsening fitness concerns and lack of availability feel like they are too severe to be written off as simple bad luck any longer.

Mateo Kovacic – 7

The Croatian has been the star midfielder for Chelsea this season, giving energy and decisiveness to an area that has lacked it. He is arguably the guy who has developed the most over the course of this season. In spite of the fact that an injury has prevented him from completing what would have been his best season with Blue, he should enter the summer feeling good about his prospects.

Ruben Loftus-Cheek – 6

Because of where Loftus-Cheek was after his loan to Fulham, the fact that he is still a Chelsea player and has even shown signs of potentially revitalizing his career should be considered a step in the right direction. Although Loftus-Cheek has been a part of several chaotic exhibitions, during which his defensive inadequacies have been exposed, the question of where he stands going into the summer still remains.

Saul Niguez – 3

The loan from Atletico Madrid has been unsuccessful despite being a deal that was expected to provide Tuchel with a new midfield option on the last day of the transfer window. In the beginning of the season, he had some genuinely terrible performances, which put him behind the eight ball right away. Despite having some competent performances since then, Tuchel’s lack of trust in him has been illuminating.

Ross Barkley – four

The player who scored the season’s last goal while making his 100th appearance for the team. Another name that seemed to be on the verge of a startling rebirth under Tuchel for a short while before fading back into the background again. Barkley’s career should end here, since he is one of numerous names that will be sold several years too late.

Mount Mason – 8 

Mason Mount has been selected as the player of the season for the second year in a row, and he continues to be one of the most important characters for Chelsea. He is the only player in the attacking third who has been able to keep their position and continue to justify faith.

Mount is an essential part of Tuchel’s offense, and the data show that he has improved both creatively and in front of the net. Similar to James, a highly valuable player whose future should be resolved during this summer’s free agency period.

Romelu Lukaku – 5

The record-breaking addition did not produce the game-changing impact that was promised in his first few weeks with the team. Where do we even begin? The uncomfortable integration, the interview with Sky Italia, the seven-touch display, and the negative atmosphere that around him all contributed to it. The fact that Lukaku still finishes as Chelsea’s leading scorer in all competitions is an odd twist, but there’s no getting around the fact that the Belgian’s performance this year has not lived up to the lofty expectations that were placed on him upon his arrival.

Christian Pulisic – 5

Pulisic was able to avoid injury for the better part of the season, which is definitely a step in the right way; yet, we are still left wondering about his level of play as the season comes to a close. Although the American has always had qualities as a finisher inside the box, it seems as though he is being miscast as a deep, wide creator. This impression persists. Have we, however, seen the last of Captain America when he was wearing a Chelsea shirt, considering the rumors of his discontent?

Timo Werner – 4

Werner’s brief rebound in April raises his season rating for a short period of time, but there is little about this season that can justify keeping him should a decent offer come from the Bundesliga. Even while fans have continued to show their support for Werner, there have been huge portions of this season in which he has appeared to be incapable and out of his depth.

His technological problems have been brought to more people’s attention, and he has had fewer minutes. Not starting a Premier League game between mid-December and early March underlined the lack of trust for the attacker during a protracted time when Chelsea’s attack appeared rather dull.

Callum Hudson-Odoi – 5

The winger was finally given an opportunity to play in his preferred position on the left side of Chelsea’s attack when the team was on its winning streak. The high point was his goal against Juventus, which felt ecstatic, but his injury problems and dip in form leave him in a predicament quite similar to the one he was in during the summer of last year. Given that there are just two years remaining on his contract, now is the time to have a more forthright discussion about Hudson-Odoi. How much longer is the club willing to wait for this scenario to drastically improve before taking action?

Hakim Ziyech – 6

Before Christmas, it appeared as though Hakim Ziyech was a player who was slowly drifting away from the team because of his bad performance and frequent stints on the bench. However, he returned to form early in 2022, scoring goals in three straight league matches against Brighton, Spurs, and Crystal Palace. This marked an improvement in his play. It is obvious that he possesses cunning and flare, but the question of whether or not he is suitable for the league and for Tuchel continues to hang over his destiny.

Kenedy – 1

It is difficult to make an accurate assessment of a player who has played for only 130 minutes this season. Even if his assist on Kai Havertz’s goal against Watford was impressive, nobody would bat an eye if he decides to leave the club during the summer. One of the numerous names that contribute to the need to rebuild the team.

Kai Havertz – 6

Havertz has improved over the course of this season, but it is difficult to say that his performance has been much more than merely above par. Havertz has benefited for many months from the fact that he is not Lukaku, who has received a great deal of criticism from fans.

However, his own performances were very unimpressive up until the middle of March, when he took the place of the Belgian. After that, he began scoring, and it appeared as though he was a player who was seizing the moment and justifying the investment that was made in him in 2020. But once again, he’s fallen behind, which means he’s lost his edge and is floating through games far too often for a player who should be defining them.

If Lukaku decides to go, Havertz will certainly receive greater focus during the following season; hence, he cannot afford to hold off on getting started until after Christmas if he intends to continue serving as a regular starter.

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