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Can Salah And Mane Raise Again For Liverpool



Mane and Salah

Liverpool suffered a disastrous Season after going trophyless for the first time since the 2017/18 season despite Salah and Mane show.

Thought they finished Third last season but it has not been a good season for the 2019/20 Premier League Champion. Liverpool expirence a very bad season where they also lost 7-2 to Aston Villa, a record that will live long.

One of the reasons why they struggled last season is because of Salah and Mane’s poor performance

Though Mo Salah had a great season scoring 22 goals and Created 5 Assist in 37 Appearances last season in the premier League but lost the golden boot last season to Tottenham’s Harry Kane, while Mane on the other Hand Managed Just 11 Goals in 35 Appearances in the Premier League.

One of the Reasons why Liverpool struggled last season was the fact that Salah and Mane we’re not working together as they always do before.

Another Reason was from the signing of Diogo Jotta to came in and give them a hot competition last season, and this Affected Mane in Particular.

Salah and Mane

But will they raise again?

Yes, only if they put all there sentiment aside, they will return to there normal ways like they always do in past season, only by working together will make them raise again.

Mo Salah should put off his selfishness Aside and focus on putting Liverpool back on Track.

Jurgen Klopp should give them Playing time has usual though with the Arrival of Jotta last season who give him a selection headache should also give both player a favourable playing time and Mane should Capitalize on his time given to him to get back on track.

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