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Azpilicueta shuts down future discussions amid Barcelona offer



Azpilicueta shuts down future discussions amid Barcelona offer

Azpilicueta shuts down future discussions amid Barcelona offer

Azpilicueta stated that :At Chelsea we are filling a place occasion of excellent doubt, but the performers and the instructing stick can only do individual act, that search out equip as best likely for the counterparts.

Absolutely, later the transaction of the club was disclosed, we completed good results. The rest is not in our hands.

UK authority’s sanctions against Roman Abramovich have developed in a host of questions as the Russian landowner has existed strained to handle the club, while they are banned to peddle tickets and limits have happened established on by virtue of what much they can give on flying to competitions.

Azpilicueta on Chelsea ‘uncertainty’
The doubt encircling Azpilicueta’s future comes in middle of a challenging time for Chelsea.

If there’s individual characteristic we’ve well-informed from the universal and accompanying Chelsea’s current position it’s that we should live the era to live the importance. Now is moment of truth to devote effort.

What has been said?
Azpilicueta was requested at a news announcement on Wednesday if he will be a guest of Chelsea or form the switch to Camp Nou.This is not moment of truth or place to discuss the future,” Azpilicueta stated.

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