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Arsenal striker angry at Premier League for hectic schedule



Arsenal striker angry at Premier League for hectic schedule

The Premier League schedules Arsenal’s games in a way that upsets Mikkel Arteta after Arsenal lost 2-0 to Liverpool at the Emirates Stadium.

Despite Arsenal’s appeal to the Premier League, Arteta argues that the club is careless about the timings of its games – only care for TV broadcasters is shown.

Despite being the superior side for the first half of the game, Diogo Jota and Roberto Firmino’s goals in the second half ensured that Arsenal left empty-handed against a Liverpool team that has now won nine matches in a row.

The Premier League has done it again for Chelsea and Manchester United, Arteta sarcastically said in his postmatch press conference. “And if it gives them any advantage tomorrow, I thank you very much for doing that,” the midfielder said.

Arsenal sit just one point clear of United with two games to play before the end of the season. However, Arteta has taken to Twitter to vent his fury at the scheduling of Saturday’s match.

There’s always something wrong with BT, Sky, this, that, but the only one affected is Arsenal and the only thing I care about and what we care about is Arsenal, so it’s not fair,” he stated.

The players will be there on Saturday with energy. They will sleep, eat well. But a big thanks goes to the Premier League for putting this schedule together. They are a great help.

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